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Who Owns Best Friends Pet Care

Since its beginning in 1998, Best Friends Pet Care has become a leader in pet care services, offering comprehensive pet care programs that focus on health and safety. The company is committed to providing a wide range of canine, feline, avian, and exotics services at multiple locations throughout the United States. But beyond exceptional service offerings, many have asked: Who owns Best Friends Pet Care? While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as ownership of the business may vary depending upon location or franchise partner type, researching what ownership models are deployed across their various locations will help shed more light on who owns this trusted brand.

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Best Friends Pet Care is one of the most beloved and trusted providers of pet care services across the United States. The company has grown steadily over the years, providing high-quality daycare, boarding, grooming, and adoption services that suit nearly every customer’s budget and needs. But who owns this successful brand? Does Best Friends have a corporate structure behind its operations, or is it family-run? This article will explore exactly who owns Best Friends Pet Care by discussing its history, current ownership structure, and plans.

Who Owns Best Friends Pet Care

Ownership of Best Friends Pet Care

Early History

Best Friends Pet Care was started in the late 90s. It was a time when people needed reliable and compassionate care for their pets. 

This growing need led to the birth of Best Friends, which quickly became a leading name in the industry. Today, Best Friends is well-loved for its excellent services. 

The company believes in putting pets first. It is committed to providing top-notch care to dogs, cats, birds, and even exotic pets. 

Its services are spread over many locations in the United States. But who is behind this success? The exact ownership can be complicated.

Best Friends may have multiple owners. Instead, it can have different owners at different locations. This is because Best Friends may operate on a franchise model. 

This means that different people can open a branch of Best Friends under specific terms and conditions.

Current Ownership

Despite the complexity of its ownership structure, the overarching Best Friends brand remains strong and consistent. 

The company operates under a franchise model, allowing various entrepreneurs to own and run locations while adhering to Best Friends’ high standards of pet care. 

This has allowed the company to expand its reach, providing trusted services to pet owners in numerous locations across the country… Looking into the future, Best Friends Pet Care seems poised to maintain its strong position in the pet care industry. 

Its unique mix of corporate guidance and individual entrepreneurship under its franchise model enables it to adapt to local market conditions while maintaining a consistent brand identity.

Corporate Structure

Best Friends Pet Care is indeed a very successful brand. It all started in the late 90s, and since then, it has been a big name in pet care. 

The company stands out for its quality services, which include daycare, boarding, grooming, and even pet adoption. 

A lot of its success comes from its franchise model. This model lets different people own and run its branches. 

All these branches, however, follow the high standards set by Best Friends. Because of this, pet owners all over the country trust and love Best Friends. 

Moving into the future, it looks like Best Friends Pet Care will continue to be a leading name in pet care. 

It’s all thanks to its mix of corporate guidance and local business owners.

Family-Run Aspects

While Best Friends Pet Care thrives under a franchise model, it also incorporates family-run aspects into its operations. 

Many branches are owned and run by locals, many of whom are families. 

These families share the company’s deep love for pets and commitment to quality services. 

This family touch adds a personal, warm feeling that clients appreciate. 

It allows for a deeper connection with the community and instills trust among pet owners. 

The blend of corporate and family-run operations has indeed contributed to Best Friends Pet Care’s ongoing success. 

It gives them a unique, loved spot in the hearts of pet lovers across the country.

Future Plans

Looking towards the future, Best Friends Pet Care has promising plans. They aim to continue expanding their trusted services across more regions in the United States. 

By continuing their franchise model and maintaining their high standards, they plan to open more branches. This will allow more pet owners to experience their exceptional care. 

They also plan to keep working closely with local families. Their goal is to meet the unique needs of every pet and its owner. 

This dedication ensures that Best Friends Pet Care will remain a favorite choice for pet care services.

Who Owns Best Friends Pet Care

Disney’s Vision for Best Friends Pet Care

Disney has big plans for Best Friends Pet Care. They aim to make it a magical experience for pets, just like their theme parks are for humans. 

This involves creating a pet-friendly environment with world-class facilities. Disney wants to ensure pets feel loved and cared for, offering top-notch grooming and daycare services. 

Their vision includes a pet resort with high-quality boarding facilities, play areas, and even a pet-friendly version of Disney World. 

With this vision, they hope to bring joy to pets and their owners alike. Disney’s dream is to merge its magic with Best Friends Pet Care.

Operational Excellence and Professionalism

Even with its vast reach, Best Friends Pet Care keeps the promise of top-notch service. 

It gives personalized care to pets, making sure they remain happy and healthy. This unique feature is why people trust them. 

Disney, the company’s partner, dreams of making pet care magical, just like its theme parks. They plan to make a pet-friendly version of Disney World. 

This vision is sure to bring more joy to pets and their owners. Best Friends Pet Care, with its excellent services and Disney’s creative vision, is set to redefine the future of pet care.

Mosaic Capital Partners, LLC: An Overview

Mosaic Capital Partners, LLC is a well-known company that plays a key role in the business world. 

This company is involved with private equity, a type of investment where they buy companies or parts of companies with the hope of making a profit later. Mosaic Capital Partners mainly works with mid-level businesses. 

These are companies that are not too small but also not too big. They usually have a strong foundation, good potential for growth, and are ready to take the next step. 

Mosaic helps these companies by providing the funding and guidance they need.

One unique thing about Mosaic is its focus on employee ownership. This means that the people who work for a company also own a part of it. 

Mosaic believes that this helps make a company more successful because the employees are more motivated and invested in the company’s success. 

Mosaic Capital Partners is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, they work with businesses all over the United States.

About Certified Employee-Owned

Certified Employee-Owned (EO) is a unique program that helps companies get recognized for being owned by their employees. 

The idea behind this model is simple but powerful. When employees have a direct stake in the business, they often feel more invested and motivated. 

They don’t just work for the company—they are part of it. This sense of ownership can lead to better productivity and a happier workplace. 

Under the Certified EO model, businesses can show that they are truly committed to their employees. It’s not just about having a few employee shareholders. To be Certified EO, at least 30% of the business must be owned by staff. 

This ensures that a significant portion of the business benefits go directly to the people who work there every day.

Being Certified EO is more than just a title. It shows that a company values its employees and is willing to share its success with them. 

It can also be a sign of a strong, stable business. After all, a company where employees have a say is likely to be a company that listens to new ideas and takes care of its workforce.

In short, a Certified EO is a symbol of trust, commitment, and shared success. It’s a way for businesses to show that they truly value their employees and are willing to share their success with those who help to make it happen.


In conclusion, Best Friends Pet Care is a successful pet care company that thrives under a franchise model. This means it’s owned by many different people, including local families who really love animals. However, they also have the support of a big company, Disney, which has big dreams for making pet care a magical experience. Furthermore, Best Friends Pet Care is also part of Mosaic Capital Partners, a company that believes in employees owning part of the company they work for. This mix of different owners helps Best Friends Pet Care to be a trusted, much-loved pet care service.


How many employees does Best Friends Pet Care have?

Best Friends Pet Care has a large team that includes dedicated pet-care professionals across their branches. While the exact number of employees is not publicly stated, what’s important is that each member is highly trained, committed to providing exceptional pet care services, and shares a love for animals. Their staff includes pet care specialists, groomers, and trainers. They are all part of the company’s vision to provide top-quality services, making it a trusted choice for pet owners.

Who is the owner of Animal Friends?

Animal Friends is owned by Best Friends Pet Care Inc., a company widely recognized for its top-notch pet care services. They operate under a franchise model, which means many people, including local families who love pets, own parts of the company. Best Friends Pet Care has also partnered with Disney, which dreams of making pet care a magical experience. Additionally, it’s part of Mosaic Capital Partners, a firm that believes in employee ownership. So, Best Friends Pet Care, the owner of Animal Friends, is a mix of diverse owners, all united by a love for animals.

Who is the CEO of animals?

The CEO of Animals is not a specific person, as animals don’t have CEOs. This term is usually used for heads of companies. If you’re asking about a specific animal care company, like Best Friends Pet Care or Animal Friends, you may have to specify the organization’s name. For instance, the CEO of Best Friends Animal Society is Julie Castle. Always make sure to clarify the name of the organization when asking about its CEO.

Who was the founder of best friends?

Best Friends Pet Care was founded by a group of animal lovers who wanted to provide the best possible care for pets. Their vision was to create a place where pets are treated like family members and given excellent care. They started the company with a commitment to quality and a passion for animals, which still guides the company’s services today. Their partnership with Disney and being part of Mosaic Capital Partners further solidifies their commitment to innovation and employee ownership.

Who founded a company of animals?

Dr. Roger Mugford, a prominent animal psychologist, founded the Company of Animals. He started the company in 1979 with the aim to develop innovative products that would help pet owners train their pets better. Dr. Mugford is known for his work in animal behavior and has helped thousands of pet owners build stronger relationships with their pets. His company offers a variety of products, like harnesses, toys, and training aids, all designed to improve the lives of pets and their owners. The Company of Animals is still active today, continuing its mission to enhance pet welfare worldwide.

Who are the majority of pet owners?

The majority of pet owners in many countries are often families with children and young adults, especially singles living alone. These groups find companionship and joy in pets, which range from dogs and cats to fish and birds. However, it varies depending on the region and culture. For instance, in the US, dogs are more popular, while in countries like China, fishes are more common. Regardless of the type of pet, pet owners are united by their love for animals and the happiness they bring.

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