What Is A Tea Pet? How To Take Care?

What Is A Tea Pet?

Tea pets, also known as “tea companions” or “Yixing pets,” are intriguing little figurines with a unique place in the world of tea. 

These companions are often placed on the tea tray during a Chinese tea ceremony, made from various materials such as clay, porcelain, glass, jade, and wood. 

Commonly seen in teahouses throughout China, they come in all shapes and sizes, from cats and dogs to dragons and lions, each believed to have their special meaning or auspicious function related to bringing good fortune or attracting wealth. But how did these charming creatures become part of fastidious classes?

In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating origin story behind these naughty ceramic figures and explain why they are a helpful addition to any seasoned connoisseur’s collection of bespoke china wares – read on for more!

History of Tea Pets

What Is A Tea Pet? Here is the history of tea pets:

The Humble Beginnings

The history of tea pets can be traced back to ancient times in China, where tea was not just a beverage but a symbol of class. 

The Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), known for its cultural richness and artistic development, saw the emergence of these delightful objects. 

They were initially crafted by potters in Yixing, a city in the Jiangsu province known for its unique purple clay. 

These artisanal creations were treated as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

What Is A Tea Pet?

The Evolution of Tea Pets

Over the centuries, the design and significance of tea pets have evolved. Some artisans started incorporating symbolic elements, such as animals, mythical creatures, and Buddhist figures. 

Each tea pet began to carry a unique symbolic meaning and was selected based on the tea drinker’s preferences or the occasion.

The Art of Feeding Tea Pets

An exciting aspect of these tea pets is the ritual of ‘feeding’ them. 

During a tea ceremony, the host would pour leftover tea or hot water over the tea pet. 

This ritual was believed to give the tea pet a ‘soul’ and enhance its features over time.

Tea Pets Today

In the modern era, tea pets are a cherished part of the tea-drinking tradition, especially in Chinese culture. 

They are revered for their aesthetic appeal and the tranquility they bring to the tea ceremony. 

Nowadays, tea pets are made from various materials and come in countless shapes and designs. 

They are used in homes, teahouses, and even offices to symbolize good luck and prosperity.

What Is A Tea Pet?

Types of Tea Pets

Tea lovers can choose from many different kinds of tea pets. Here are a few common types:

Clay Tea Pets:

  • Clay tea pets are the most traditional ones. 
  • They’re made from the special clay of Yixing City. 
  • Over time, these pets change color as they’re ‘fed’ with tea. 
  • This gives them a unique, aged look. 
  • People love clay tea pets as they stand for good luck. 
  • Choosing a pet is often based on its design or the personal preference of the tea drinker.

Animal Tea Pets:

  • Animal tea pets are another popular choice. 
  • These come in the shapes of various animals, such as cats, dogs, or dragons. 
  • Each animal carries a specific meaning. 
  • For example, a dragon might be used for strength, while a cat might be used for luck. 
  • People choose their animal tea pets based on what they want to bring into their lives. 
  • They’re not just cute, but they also bring positivity.

What Is A Tea Pet?

Glass Tea Pets

  • Glass tea pets are beautiful and unique. 
  • These pets are made from glass instead of clay. 
  • When you pour tea on them, the glass shines brightly. 
  • Some have colors inside that mix when you feed them with tea. 
  • Glass tea pets are liked for their beauty and for bringing peace. 
  • They make the tea time even more special. 
  • People use them for decoration and good luck.

Jade Tea Pets

  • Jade tea pets are precious and elegant. 
  • They are made from jade, a gemstone known for its beauty. 
  • Jade tea pets are usually green but can be in other colors. 
  • Like other tea pets, jade ones are believed to bring good luck. 
  • They add a touch of luxury to your tea time. 
  • People choose jade tea pets for their rich looks and good fortune.

Wood Tea Pets

  • Wood tea pets are crafted from high-quality wood, adding an earthy charm to your tea tray. 
  • They’re admired for their natural look and texture. 
  • Wood tea pets are ‘fed’ with tea, slowly changing color and revealing a beautiful patina. 
  • They symbolize nature, peace, and good luck, making tea time feel even more connected to the natural world.

Mythical Creatures Tea Pets:

  • Tea pets in the form of mythical creatures are also loved by many. 
  • These figures are like magical animals from ancient stories. 
  • Some are dragons, phoenixes, or unicorns. 
  • These unique tea pets are thought to bring good energy. 
  • They’re often kept to create a peaceful tea-drinking environment. 
  • The design of the tea pet is chosen based on its meaning or the tea drinker’s liking. 
  • These tea pets are not just for decoration but are believed to bring good vibes.

Buddhist Figures Tea Pets:

  • Buddhist figure’s tea pets are ones shaped like important people from Buddhism. 
  • They bring peace and calm to the tea ceremony. 
  • They are made from clay, like other tea pets.
  • Each figure has a special meaning. 
  • For example, Buddha brings happiness and enlightenment. 
  • Choosing a Buddhist figure tea pet depends on what the tea drinker likes and what they want to feel during the tea ceremony. 
  • These tea pets make the tea experience more meaningful.

Modern Tea Pets:

  • Modern tea pets are a mix of tradition and innovation. 
  • They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, blending old and new designs. 
  • Some are even customizable. 
  • They are fun to look at and add a special touch to your tea time. 
  • Like old times, they are still ‘fed’ tea, bringing good luck and joy.

The Role of Tea Pets

Tea pets serve many purposes in the act of tea drinking. They are charming ornaments with a more profound role in the tea ceremony.

  1. Good Luck Charms
  2. Ceremony Participants
  3. Art Pieces
  4. Tranquility Providers
  5. Conversation Starters

What Is A Tea Pet?

Caring for Your Tea Pet

Caring for your tea pet begins with understanding the type of material it’s made from. Clay, wood, glass, jade, or modern materials have different needs. You should know what type of tea pet you have to provide proper care.

  • Regular Feeding

Just like a living pet, a tea pet needs to be ‘fed’ regularly. This means pouring leftover tea over the figure. Don’t worry; you’re not wasting tea – you’re taking care of your pet! Feeding your tea pet helps it change color over time, giving it a unique, aged look.

  • Use the Right Tea

While any tea can feed your pet, it’s best to use the tea you drink most often. This way, your tea pet will carry the scent and color of your favorite tea. It’s like sharing a meal with your pet!

  • Keeping it Clean

Clean your tea pet gently with a soft, wet cloth. Avoid using soap or potent cleaning agents, which can harm the material. Remember, tea pets are delicate and need gentle care.

  • Avoid Hot Water

Never pour boiling water on your tea pet. The sudden temperature change can cause damage, especially to clay or glass tea pets. Always allow your tea to cool down a bit before feeding your pet.

  • Proper Storage

Store your tea pet in a safe place where it won’t be knocked over or damaged when not in use. Some people like to keep their tea pets on display, even when not drinking tea. It’s all part of the joy of owning a tea pet!

  • Enjoy the Process

The most important part of caring for your tea pet is to enjoy the process. It’s not a chore but a relaxing ritual. Over time, you’ll see your tea pet change and grow like a natural pet. It’s a rewarding experience that enhances the joy of tea drinking.

Where to Buy Tea Pets Online

When you are ready to invite a tea pet into your tea-drinking routine, there are many online shops to explore. We’ve identified a few reliable places to find a wide range of tea pets.

  1. Amazon– A well-known global marketplace, Amazon offers a variety of tea pets. You can find options in every material and style. The site’s user reviews can help guide your decision.
  2. Etsy- For unique, handmade tea pets, Etsy is a great place to shop. It’s an online platform for artisans from all over the world. You might find a one-of-a-kind tea pet that appeals to you.
  3. eBay- eBay is an online auction site where you can find new and vintage tea pets. It’s an exciting place to shop if you enjoy the thrill of bidding.
  4. AliExpress– AliExpress offers a wide range of tea pets at affordable prices. As a marketplace for sellers from China, it provides a great selection of traditional Chinese tea pets.


What Is A Tea Pet? The history of tea pets is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and tradition. Over time, these small figurines have transformed from simple clay figures into complex symbols of art, spirituality, and fortune. Tea pets, with their rich history and inherent charm, truly embody the essence of the tea culture. Tea pets are the perfect gift for any tea lover or collector. Not only do they look beautiful, but their spiritual mythology adds an exciting dimension to any home. They also encourage peace in your home and offer a calming conversation compared to traditional tea cups and pots. It is essential to be mindful of the materials that your chosen tea pet is made out of, as you may want it to last longer and look just as good as when you bought it.

Tea pets provide us with a unique and delightful way to enjoy tea in a different way. They are fun and a great addition to your tea ritual and may help you appreciate the art of tea brewing and consuming by providing an enchanting experience. It’s easy to see why many consider these pets an essential part of their daily tea culture.


What Is a Tea Pet and How Do We Take Care of Them?

A tea pet is a small figurine used in tea ceremonies.

It’s ‘fed’ by pouring leftover tea on it. To take care of a tea pet, clean it gently, avoid hot water, and store it safely.

Enjoying caring for your tea pet as it changes and grows over time is essential.

How Do You Use A Tea Pet?

A tea pet can be used during tea sessions.

It’s placed on the tea tray, and you pour leftover tea.

This ‘feeding’ process helps the tea pet grow and change over time.

It’s fun and adds a unique touch to your tea time.

Remember to handle it gently and avoid using hot water.

What Can You “Feed” Your Tea Pet?

You can “feed” your tea pet with any tea.

Most people use the tea they drink often, so the tea pet carries the scent and color of their favorite tea.

This feeding process helps the tea pet change color over time, which is part of its charm and beauty.

What are 3 Reasons to Have Pets?

Having pets provides numerous benefits.

First, they offer companionship, helping to combat feelings of loneliness.

Secondly, pets, particularly dogs, promote physical activity as they require regular walks and playtime.

Finally, caring for a pet can teach responsibility, especially for children, as pets need feeding, grooming, and attention.

What is the Purpose of Pets?

Pets serve many purposes. They can be good friends, making us feel happy and less alone.

Pets like dogs and cats can also help us stay healthy by making us move and play.

Taking care of a pet can teach children to be responsible.

Pets can also comfort and make our homes feel warm and friendly.

Are Pets Useful or Helpful?

Yes, pets are indeed valuable and helpful. They make us feel happy and loved.

Pets bring joy to our homes and keep us active.

They also help us learn to take care of others. Many people find that having a pet improves their life in many ways. Pets can be great friends, too.

So, pets are not just functional, they are also very special to us.

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